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Africa: Mwai Kibaki Starts New Job As Special Envoy for Water in Africa


Former President Mwai Kibaki has been installed as Unesco’s new special envoy for water in Africa after he received his appointment certificate at a function in Nairobi.

Speaking at the event held at his Nyari office, Mr Mwai Kibaki lauded his new role as timely because “current statistics on water in Africa point to a very gloomy picture indeed.”

The appointment means Mr Kibaki will campaign for safe drinking water on the continent, as part of the efforts by Unesco to have water accessible to all.

“I started off representing Kenyans only. It is wonderful to end up supporting all these Africans,” Mr Kibaki said during the function.

“I am sure we will succeed. And I am sure the world will join us. Let us, therefore, put all our hearts in the job and do it properly.”

Specifically, the former head of state will be raising awareness on the importance of water and education in national policies, conveying Unesco hydrological messages to political leaders about sustainable water management and be the interlocutor between governments and Unesco – By Aggrey MutamboDaily Nation