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Zaire: Gas transportation project presented



ANGOLA – Speaking at the presentation ceremony of the project, which is dubbed FALCÃO, the chairman of the executive commission of Sonagas, Rúben Costa, revealed that the construction works of the gas pipeline will last ten months and will be carried out by a national firm.

“The pipeline will serve to transport gas from the Angola-LNG plant, located in Kwanda base to the centrals of the Soyo (municipality) combined cycle where the gas will be received and distributed”, said the source.

The municipal administrator of Soyo, Lúcia Maria Tomas, who attended the ceremony, deemed the combined cycle project very valuable and said it will give solution to the problems of electricity supply in the region and strengthen the national energetic system.

She also stressed that the combined cycle central responded well to the needs of employment for young people in the region by creating, in the initial stage, 300 jobs.